yeh so i really have been jetting around to keep my sanity…. went to melbs last weekend to see friends, get marked and make marks…. again, another successfull trip!

arrived at 10pm, and went straight to sisterbellas to meet cam and tom for the family…

this bonsai font blew my brains out…

then i was told i want a man unless i ate the new hj quad burger…. it was fucked up!!


we all experienced chest pains shortly after…

saw this fresh pubes and meant on my way to see rob at dynamic studios…

robs so good at his trade and super awesome guy… havent seen him in 2 years so we had quite a bit to talk about to take my mind off the shredding.

heres the drawing

and the end result… am stoked on it!!

got home and they were making postcards…. this was my favourite… leave it to beaver.

we went to a mighty boosh party on saturday night that was heaps fun…. we just went as ghouls, due to lack of effort, even tho boosh is my favourite thing ever… other than one other particular person

the moon

this chick killed it with the old gregg outfit, she even had a torch for her mangina!! fuk yeh!

2 of the best words in one sign

this keh peice was sooo hot!

loose style… go on leak it snitches…

ode to the quod!!!

see you next time melbourne…

lots of love to j-rilla, tommy dollars, skael lad, seri, neilo gemma, crispy, rob…


One response to “MELBIZZLE

  1. they say you need to run a marathon to get rid of that burger… niiceeee

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