so finaly went to hang with my favourite homies from tkosm up in brisbane… it didnt start well as it took me 9 hours roughly to get from my front door to joels… this consisted of a 2.5 hr jetstar delay (fuck you jetstar) and then joel car dying 3 ks out from the airport… i got off the plane and walked the 3k’s down the road to find the RAQC guy testing joels fuel line, as i arrived the engine blew up and caught on fire… NO SHIT… we then had to wait another hour for the tow truck and got a lift in…needless to say we were PISSED OFF!!!

met the lovely lulu finally.. what a ledge.. she cooked us killer buritoes and then we got drunk.. she loves nature…. clearly…

after a noozy night i got up and went painting with the ironlak kids…. big thanx yesma, tues, meks for having me along… heres a clippet of my peice, fuck you whoevers leaking my blog peices into the forums….

got home buggered after painting to find joel missing and helmet and jeff (naughty clown) there instead so we chilled and drank till joel got home so the home job tats could begin…. jeesus christ they were bad, but sooo funy…

naughty clown didnt remember this at all when he woke up sat morning to find his misspelt acronymn for home job tats rule was now HAM CHEESE AND TOMATO ROLLS… he was a bit annoyed at himself..

joel sucks

naughty clown…

… is sooo naughty!!!

drop knee for life

what a mess!!

yimmy, tattooist extrodinaire

des blackbook fisting page

do you party?

blue street peice

such a fun time after such a fucked start…

mad love to Joel, lulu, dyms, elzee, yimmy, helmet, naughty clown, ahren, cassey, yesma, tues, meks… brisbane rules

love heath!


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