byron is so rad, the air is fresher, the locals are sleepy, theres HEAPS of legals to paint of a day, just a super cool place everytime i go, have such a wikkid time…. just what i needed.

lighhthouse always good vibes…. winter especially pretty…

donnas place super nice, and balinese…. shes lost it….

saw heaps of awesome tags up there…

you get fined 50 bucks for drinking in public… so we ran into a bush and chilled there in the moonlight for a bit with homeboy reide from 50 lions…. epic dude..!

slogans started happening at the pub soon after reide was boozed hardout, told him to tell his bird to “make an assesment”

there was discussion of why a fish would ever decide to go for a hooked shape worm

saw some more fresh tags…

sloganeering is the new black….

there were some cunnys up there wot were always think about stuff… wierd…

was privied to one of the first glances at the new artilley…. such a good read for a hungover morning

dope headings throughout the mag… dope layout… dope mag…

top pub best pub

R.I.P Karen Shirlaw… lots of love for luke…

curb mounting

went to a dope house party out of town… point-break style.. cut copy soundtrack.

lala land…

seriously hot, seriously angry door bitch….

she came around once i flashed the lobsters… funny that.

i asked for 4 beers, and she poured me a water… i pushed it to one side and went 2 bartenders up and ordered 8 beers… which i got. we drank them in 30 minutes and zigzagged home…

saw this dope sofles peice on the new legal wall in town



met mum in bangalow for breakky before departure

so bewtiful…


got there to discover the town had been taken over by the annual down hill billycart race….

this dino car was so sick.!

as was this breakfast!!!!

this kid easily had the dopest car out… check thhe gold 7… super rad.

this chick stacked it… made myine and joels day… her brakes failed!!!

mum xoxox

spent alot of time thinking about my friend luke….. my thoughts are with you bro…

am home and safe and cant wait to go somewhere else again!!!!

thanks to DIRTY MONEY, TKOSM, 50L, DTEES/BFF for making that the sickest weekend yet….


3 responses to “DIRTY MONEY, TKOSM, 50L, DTEES/BFF BB08

  1. patrick the trout

    if a picture is worth a thousand words, you just wrote a million word essay, very enjoyable, looks lovely, im heading there for splendour but it looks like it would be much more relaxing in the off-season.. top photos!

  2. Hahahaha patrout, nice work…

    Mr Mephisto, I commend you on your flexible tangent that is funtimes.

    Byron is so dope any time of year, so chill.

    Hit you up for beers when Im in sydknee knext kay!


  3. oh shit man. get at my email ahah.i cant believe how funny that whole weekend was.

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