Package wars are super good, i sent one down a while ago to start it off… it was pretty wierded out just had random things i found in my drawers, features were squashed mintie, phone bills and reggae tape as well as a whole lot of sketches and drawings. it was the best $1.45 i ever spent.i got one back this morning walking out the door to work….live roach in the roach survival kit. funny and yok at the same timeimg_6242.jpg random bits… giraffe with no leggs with leggless tags on it.img_6244.jpgtickets , rupei, post noteimg_6245.jpgstuffimg_6246.jpgslashed hard brah. posh is a gay cunt..img_6247.jpgimg_6248.jpgimg_6251.jpgimg_6253.jpglet the games continue!!! 


2 responses to “MY BIG PACKAGE

  1. patrick the trout

    HA! love reading all the naughty words, reminds me of tonys black book, GET STOMPED CUNT.

  2. Live roach delivery is straight gangster.

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