havent had that much fun in ages, went down with next to nothing and had the best time. even having no phone was really good as wherever i ended up was totally random… mad love for all beergroupians!!conny and co put me up on the floor of the cabin, was soooo stoked about that…. sat on this balcony for half the weekend people watching.img_6079.jpgspent alot of time with this bunch of loverly ladies.img_6082.jpgGOD DAMMIT ZAMMIT.. (e to the z)img_6084.jpggirls girls girlsimg_6085.jpgsaw a sweet roach canvas there, that guys everywhere.. BEWM!img_6090.jpgsuch a rad setup with stage at the base of the cliffs..img_6088.jpgshelly all city golf buggy drunk driver.img_6087.jpgthese cups were alot of fun…. for 20 minutes.img_6093.jpgclairey steezingimg_6095.jpgfew boogie downs with dj crane… she played a few dope tracks near the lake.img_6096.jpgmore girl posseimg_6099.jpgjimmy the possums out fit was soo good totally lording …. in drag.img_6102.jpgchevs maralyn was awesome too…img_6104.jpgimg_6106.jpgcrazy penisimg_6111.jpgroller sluts.img_6115.jpge2thez m2thedawg j2thepimg_6125.jpgZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAMITS!img_6126.jpgI WAS TOTALLY LORDING IN MY CANDY MAN….img_6127.jpgi knew lees would be well up for can ons at 10am… boom!img_6139.jpgmel z bossing people around…img_6140.jpgSOOOOO NICE, WISH I WAS STILL THERE!img_6141.jpgCOCO ROSIE- amazing.img_6143.jpggot mad into bukem and conrad….. BRUP BRUP!!!!img_6146.jpglou jimmys sister and her mister matt were fukin heaps funny…. totes good eggs.this was sooo funny, j to the p and mate bashing eachother for 10 minsimg_6150.jpgspray suncream in the foice! SNAPPED!img_6151.jpgstandard dinger visionimg_6159.jpgthere was alot of Zammit action.img_6161.jpganita is a little muppet.img_6179.jpgbye bye fun… hello deadlinesimg_6162.jpg


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