interpolloss magoss mag flagga dagga dosss…

uurrgh… where to begin….  thursday… interpol, awesome, doubloss burboss and cozzas… makes for maggsy… i think its safe to say i was the person everyone was looking at and goig… ” cmon man, its interpol its slick and a tad depressosss… meanwhile, me… with stewo on my shoulders seriously about to invite people to do raging bull…. sometimes i dont know how it happens…awesome colour washes on stage…img_5823.jpgimg_5828.jpgimg_5830.jpgnummy on the dubsy burboss..img_5837.jpgstewo was in this party..img_5838.jpgso many photos of nummy for some stupid reason….img_5842.jpgcharlotte!!!!!!!img_5848.jpg


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