my homie from Zimbabwe has been doin super well in his class….

last report i got, said he was mucking around like a cheeky monkey…. no shit the report card said “cheeky like monkey”.

this time hes 4th in his class of 47…. which is heeeps good, go little guy!!!!
he just needs to smash the maths bit and hell be amazing! not to worry i was never good at maths and look at me…..(ahem…) okay now look away!

anyone interested in giving a little bloke a chance 25 bucks a month go to my mums charity she built that does it all in zimbabwe!!








One response to “BERNARD BESTMAN!

  1. Thats awesome bro, I was actually telling a mate about you sending them clothes and him rocking out in his new steez!

    Oneday Ill get around to hitting up your ol ladys joint to sponsor a kid!

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