This is an invite we made for the top dawgs who will be on the actual train having a good time… heaps of ding dong dangs im sure.was one of the many sweet ideas we always come up with.then because we dont beleive in slave labour on others, we do it to our selves…SHELLEY = weapon. img_6481.jpg i had to hacksaw off the double “O” sized rail guages. (see hobbyco does wonders for my knowledge of model trains….. which is pointless.) img_6483.jpg img_6485.jpgthis was the end result… was heaps stoked on how it turned out…  mad folio peice..img_6488.jpg   img_6489.jpg  img_6490.jpg img_6494.jpgneedless to say… i love my job…. ( and i cant say it enough… apparently )          


One response to “BACARDI EXPRESS

  1. patrick the trout

    thats hells good man, very clever, id like to recieve one so I can drink free alcohol? hints?

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