… So was catching up with favourite old mate ease-oh, shes just come home from auckland…. good for visiting, rubboss for living (apparently so)

we were at the pub wandering wether to get a pizza and chill when we heard of sydney festival. got the train to martin place to check out what we thought would be a few market stalls and some culture, and when we surfaced there was close to 100 000 people raving to plumpdjs, spankroc, chromeo, ajax and losta valentinos…. im not joking it was the biggest street rave ive EVER seen ( unfortunately ive seen a few)

at first i was laughing at it, then found myself strangely into it.. (plumpers used to be my all time favourites) if i was on the dingers i wouldve stayed all night.. UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE!!! CANT STOP RAVING!!!


Easeoh likes being sensorered..


there was a massive inflateable thing


we enjoyed bashing it, even tho it was really for under 12 yearolds…


spankrock was dope… like really!


was a fun night!!! lots o luv for my oldest mate erin!!! stay tuned for PattenBloc Textile studio surry hills!!! CONGRATS MATEY!


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