my mate from work andreas aka, “salty goat rapist’, ‘dr dreas’, ‘dreos mcgoss’, ‘utah gimme two’, and… ‘speak english you sweedish cunny’, gave me an ant farm for my birthday that is now under way….

ive got 8 ants and a worm in there for good measure… needless to say everyone here at work is both distracted and amazed

3 awesome facts about ants are (according to ricky gervais)…
1. they dont sleep
2. they have alcohol in their blood so they cant freeze
3. they can carry stuff upt to 3 times their body weight…

go little guys!


ive been feeding them cocacola and bread…. theyre gwaning mental in there…


you can make out some of their tunnels…


cant wait to have heeeeps in there….


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