The house we built for VERA.

so again, my work is totally rad. my studio (BEST EVER) went to the pub at lunch for a ‘meeting’ . 10 schooeys and 4 hours later we conjured up vera who is a 70 year old semi mental old dfuck who hangs out with top indy outfits…. she says inappropriate stuff and creates such a mixed reaction from bands who go to have a cup of tea(or v) with her…

i man camera b when im not lording the world…

so far weve done

mercy arms, pnau, blue juice, ghostwood, muscles, midnight juggernauts, wans freely, the panics, and a few more i cant remeber right now….

heres what we made from ebay and opshops…



this is vera…. shes luvly



al(right) is stus bitch (left)… ahahaha if you ever read that aldor…!



heres the blue juice show…. and if you have foxtelll check it out 10pm tuesdays and 12. miday wednesdays… forever till she croaks.. (eek)


One response to “The house we built for VERA.

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